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Bio Oil for Scars are an integral part of the healing process and result from an
over-production of collagen at the wound site. Scars go through numerous changes
as they mature, but they are permanent in nature. Bio Oil in Pakistan is formulated
to help improve the appearance of scars, but it can never remove them.
Bio Oil For Stretch Marks Removal :
Bio Oil For Stretch Marks Removal When the body expands faster than the covering
skin it results in skin tear, and scars apperas after as skin heals. These scars
visible on your skin as stretch marks. Stretch Marks can be vary according to skin
type age, type and hydration of skin. The most stretch marks found in women after
pregnancy, body builders, and person who sudden gain weight or reduce weight.
Bio Oil for Stretch Marks :

When the body expands faster than the covering skin, the skin tears, forming a scar
as it heals. These scars are visible on the surface of the skin as stretch marks.
The likelihood of developing stretch marks varies according to skin type, race, age,
diet and hydration of the skin. Those most prone to stretch marks include pregnant
women, body builders, adolescents undergoing sudden growth spurts and individuals
who experience rapid weight gain.
Stretch marks are permanent in nature, and although Bio-Oil is formulated to help
improve their appearance, it can never remove them.

Dehydrated skin :

The surface of the skin has an invisible oil layer which acts as a barrier
to stop moisture from escaping. In a very dry climate this lipid layer is
often unable to cope and too much moisture is drawn out of the skin. Daily
bathing or showering may exacerbate this by stripping away the lipid layer
due to the astringent effects of soap and water. Bio-Oil supplements the skin’s
natural oil layer, helping to restore its barrier function of retaining moisture.
Bio-Oil should be applied twice daily. Results will vary from individual to individual.

Bio Oil Price In Pakistan : 2500/-


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