Enliten-G 30-gm


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Enliten-G 30-gm Cream in Pakistan :

Enliten-G has targeted action. Thanks to its liposomal form combining powerful whitening ingredients with powerful antioxidants for strong whitening effects.

Reduce Darkness Cream :

If you are someone who is into skin bleaching, then we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best whitening creams in Pakistan for you along with pictures and prices, so keep reading!

What Are Whitening Creams?

  •  Skin Active Light Complete
  • Natural Fairness Face & Body Cream
  • White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Day Cream
  • Natural White Day Cream
  • Fair And Pink Glow Cream
  • Instant glow

Enliten-G 30-gm Cream price in Pakistan Rs. 2000/-


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