HGP Hair Growth




HGP air n 4 different kits to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of it without
any delay or interruption. HGP – created by a multinational team of doctors and
scientists is now considered the no.1 product in the world for new hair growth,
preventing hair fall and improving the quality of hair.

Benefits :

Cure baldness by revitalizing hair follicles
-Help prevent hair loss for both man and woman
-Helps in keeping the scalp clean and prevent dandruff
-Help grow hair faster with natural nutrition
Hair Fall Causes:

Bald head or less hair head affects on one’s personality. It can be anyone of
any age, can be male or female. Hair Fall can be due to multiple reasons.
below are some possible reasons of hair fall.

DHT Hormone
Skin Problems
Unbalanced Water
Usage :

-Apply HGP at night before going to sleep, three times a week.
-Put on hair mask and let it be absorbed by the skull.
-Wash the following morning with shampoo

HGP Hair Growth Pro Price : 3400


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