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Likoria Pills In Pakistan:
Lactaria is not diseases, But the result of many diseases as well as the cause of new infection and diseases.
Female discharge is a white or yellow discharge form the womb if desired. The discharge net is important for maintaining
How types Of Likoria?
Physiological Factors such as excitement or nervousness are associated with high geological leukemia, for example hormonal changes during puberty in girls.

Pathological Leukemia is due to improper diet and health impairment is track infection is the main cause of it as well as it result of Physiological Factors.

Symptoms Of Likoria :
Symptoms may vary but there may be simultaneous symptoms, In that include Insomnia or Vaginal white or yellow and foul-smelling discharge, Pain in the joints and spine, Heavy pinching in the abdominal area , Cheap and sluggish, Itching in the Vagina,Constipation, Headache, Irritability, digestive problem are common symptoms of black spots under the eyes.

Likoria Reasons:
Improper lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, Worm at the bottom of the uterus, Hormonal imbalance, Genitals that cause extra wound itching, Inappropriate Genitals hygiene , Bacteria, finger infection, indigestion, Constipation, Deficiency of blood, Diabetes, Tension and Anxiety, In young girls it may be one year before or one year after menstruation, Female this disease at the time of delivery, It is important to contact your physician as soon as possible.

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